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Ludmila Valentinovna - Dynamic leadership and a love of mankind
Dynamic leadership and a love of mankind
A magnet for otherwise uncontrollable children

To meet present and forthcoming world scenarios, as indicated by the 2011 Japanese seismic and consequent social disasters, enlightened philanthropists have come together with educational and administrative experts to provide facilities to take care of children orphaned by catastrophic events in the future - at least to the extent that it is humanly possible to help rebuild shattered young lives.

In 1986 Ukraine suffered a similar upheaval with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and many agencies set up relief programs there for the children who had lost their parents and/or suffered major health problems because of this traumatic event. UKRAINE would therefore appear to be an appropriate location to carry on the work in the future, as this region is less likely to be affected by severe seismic disturbances.

This was one of the reasons why this general location (see MAPS) was chosen. It is intended to be a demonstration or flagship operation for all the world to copy. The Crimea is also in the centre of these maps and is considered the 'breadbasket' of the world, promising a continuous food supply. The stocking of imperishable foods is another topic which should be given some serious thought for the near future.

"Unsuspecting" Europe could be in for the next - or next but one (after the Madrid fault) - series of tsunamis, and the Ukraine is located close by, in relative safety according to our reports. The Mediterranean Sea is expected to expand, but the effects will be quite varied. Europe is densely populated and the need for shelter after a catastrophic event could be very high.

It is anticipated that seismic events of this intensity - or even greater - can be expected to occur worldwide with increased frequency, without warning, therefore it would seem timely for those more fortunate, who have the means to help, t0 prepare support now for the children - the 'New Children', who are to be our future leaders.
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