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To meet present and forthcoming world scenarios, as indicated by the 2011 Japanese seismic and consequent social disasters, enlightened philanthropists have come together with educational and administrative experts to provide facilities to take care of children orphaned by catastrophic events in the future - at least to the extent that it is humanly possible to help rebuild shattered young lives.

In 1986 Ukraine suffered a similar upheaval with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and many agencies set up relief programs for the orphan children who had also suffered major health problems because of this traumatic event. UKRAINE would therefore appear to be an appropriate location to carry on the work in the future, and this area is less subject to severe seismic disturbances than most other locations.

It is anticipated that seismic events of this intensity - or even greater - can be expected to occur worldwide with increased frequency, without warning, therefore it would seem to be an appropriate time for those more fortunate who have the means to help prepare support for the orphan children as one humanitarian way to lessen the burden on the current generation, the 'New Children', who will be our future leaders.

Japan is particularly important because it is a breeding ground for scientific development - a great many children who wish to follow a path in science and technology are born to parents in Japan. We must help counter such losses in the future.

Tsunami Waves in Japan
There are no publicly recognised guidelines for preparing for life in the NEAR future (by 2012 and beyond), so most people are totally unprepared for the harsh reality of life. It is easier to teach young people what to expect than to change the views of adults, who do not take kindly to change. Survival is a skill that should be taught at an early age.

Here is a graphic reminder of what the Japanese people went through in March 2011 - 30 photos of awesome power and destruction in a matter of seconds and a video (on the left) which should be helpful to psychologists in dealing with trauma imduced in tsunami survivors. A warning has gone out that the 30 foot waves might reach as much as 500 feet the next time.

This video (in Japanese) must be one of the most dramatic of all time. View it "full-screen" by clicking on the block with four directional arrows at the bottom right below the video frame.

Disasters of course can be of many kinds. Famine has been commonplace in many countries, but always due to lack of understanding, and therefore avoidable. In this case of course it is usually the children who die off, deserted by their parents.

Let us also help prevent situations such as shown in the sad photo on the right ..... education at the right time could eliminate much suffering in this world.
Pulitzer Prize winning photo by Kevin Carter, 1994
Pulitzer Prize winning photo by
Kevin Carter, 1994


The Orphanage would house, educate and prepare children for an independent or self-sufficient future lifestyle, as an individual entrepreneur or as a community participant, dependent upon their planned life's purpose. A well-grounded general education supplemented by the teaching of life-skills and specific education in the growing of essential crops - the horticultural aspects which would ensure that they could live independently if need be or to exchange/market their products with/to others. All in a nurturing environment, with love and encouragement.

The land itself would be segmented into areas of use. The horticultural area would have an energized soil system - a one-time installation not requiring chemical treatment - and growing herbs, vegetables and fruit (ie vitamins and minerals) to meet not only physical energy needs (food and drink) but also provide healing, invigorating and rejuvenating natural products for life enhancement and aiding others.

New technologies will help provide pure, live water from deep-water wells or other sources and waste-water will be recycled through proven methods for reuse and overall benefit of the immediate environment.

Non-polluting energy systems on-site will provide more than adequate power resources for all activities.

This environment will therefore demonstrate to all the viability of an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


Led by Ludmila Valentinovna (also known as Ludmila Krushynyna or Mila Macleod), who has had a distinguished career in Early Childhood Education (see "Management"), having been certified to teach psychology at university or college level, and held positions such as Inspector of 26 corporate kindergartens, covering 4,000 pupils, for a major shipping company and Superintendent of 45 kindergarten schools in the District of Odessa, eventually establishing her own school in Odessa, experienced psychologists and teachers will act as consultants, and lecture other professionals who will assist both advanced and disadvantaged children in finding their own feet in a challenging world.

Many years experience with the "New Children' - the Indigo Child.

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