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The Orphanage would house, educate and prepare children for an independent or self-sufficient future lifestyle, as an individual entrepreneur or as a community participant, dependent upon their planned life's purpose. A well-grounded general education supplemented by the teaching of life-skills and specific education in the growing of essential crops - the horticultural aspects which would ensure that they could live independently if need be or to exchange/market their products with/to others. All in a nurturing environment, with love and encouragement.

Children are our most precious resource. Educating preschool minds provides lifelong dividends. The school would provide developmental facilities which fill a need not generally recognized by enabling disadvantaged children as well as those of advanced abilities - the Indigo Child and others - and of various ethnic backgrounds to be better assimilated into the world scene - in facilities which would stimulate social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth..


The Orphanage would cater to children affected by the current and future waves of seismic destruction and sociak unrest which are being experienced worldwide and prepare them for a new life, in an ever-changing world. This first facility would be a flagship operation - a blueprint for others to follow

It would be integrated with an Early Childhood Education centre, catering principally to local families.

Ludmila Valentinovna, currently known in North America as Mila Macleod, graduated with First Class Honours as a Teacher in Pre-School Education (Pedagogica) and Psychology from the University of Slavyansk, Ukraine, in 1976 and is certified to teach psychology at university or college level, and also to manage the administration of kindergarten schools. After university she was appointed Inspector of 45 kindergarten schools in the District of Odessa. She is also a Registered Nurse in Ukraine.

In 1995 she opened the first Montessori-type School in Odessa on her own initiative.. This centre was closed when she decided to move to Canada, where she bacame more involved with the "New Children", who are quite different to the older generations and require a fresh approach. See her full curriculum vitae on the Internet. She will be Overseer and Chief Consultant for this project.

Teachers will be appropriately qualified, trained in working with young children, and preferably able to converse in at least two languages, one being English or Russian, and several will be child psychologists. Remuneration will be above average to minimize staff turnover. Student teachers may be accepted and will work under the supervision of the consulting Founders.

Dima Krushynyn, Chief Financial Officer, has a Masters Degree in Finance/Economics from the University of Odessa.

Dr Milson Macleod, Business Consultant, has a wide business background, including over two decades of experience in materials management in a major municipal government, where he was highly regarded as both a researcher and problem solver. He also studied Residential Construction Management at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. A developer of over 100 websites and numerous business plans for humanitarian and environmental projects, which included an online college of divinity - a typical paradigm pioneer.


The Founders have allocated a startup amount of $5 million which will be made available once the international transfer of funds is declared safe from illegal confiscation. Bank Accounts will be maintained initially at the Royal Bank of Canada in Vancouver BC and in Raiffeisenbank in Odessa, Ukraine, to facilitate funds transfer from various sources on an ongoing basis.

Funds raised will undoubtedly be more than adequate for our purpose, as construction will proceed according to the level of funding currently received. therefore skimping on quality or quantity will not be a factor. Responsibility will of course always be a consideration. Starting with the funds contributed by the Founders, these will steadily increase to fund or help fund similar ventures in other areas.

Funding for the operation is anticipated from a variety of non-profit sources, both for construction and other startup expenses and ongoing operations so that services can be conintued on a free basis indefinitely. .

Grants or subsidies from government have not been allowed for.


A federally incorporated non-profit corporation was created in 2007 and exists currently in Canada as Macleod Children's Centre. It will continue its operation as L'École Ludmila Valentinovna in Odessa, Ukraine, until such time as it may be otherwise or locally structured. This will be subject to the restructuring of all businesses in the near future.


A suitable location is being sought in Odessa, Ukraine, which will provide accommodation for orphans as well as an educational facility for both the orphans and local day students.

The property should be located on land which is as extensive as possible - perhaps one section or, if in the city one complete city block/quarter section, in order that ancillary activities can be carried on within property lines, and that a breath of fresh air can be created within a municipal area.

If no suitable existing structure is found for use or adaptation for these purposes, a project specific building will be constructed of environmentallly-friendly materials, avoiding rhe concrete environment. It should include enclosed, natural surroundings, such as gardens and/or orchards, in a park-like environment which will provide both an educational experience as well as life enhancement.

The demand for this service greatly exceeds the supply and is expected to continue to do so.

This is being operated as a humanitarian and educational venture in a non-profit environment.

There will be a schedule of fees for those who can afford such education for their children but grants covering up to 100% of these charges will be made freely available so long as space is available for extra students.

There will be no charge of course for orphans, who will be provided with accommodation, meals and all other necessary services free of charge.

A HEAKTH Clinic will be located on the Main Floor, staffed by physicians and nurses.

All arrivals will be checked out physically first so that their immediate requirements can be met. Their health will then be taken care of from then on and emergency services will be available when needed. The service will be provided free to all residents, both students and staff.

Once funds have been established, the proposed property will be surveyed, approved by the Overseer and contracts for construction placed.

Operations may start as soon as the main building is declared fir for occupancy and expansion of the building itelf will take place as the need is recognized.

A maritime location - on board an ocean liner, planned for holistic purposes - will be considered as a long term development with international appeal, and be operated as a boarding school, but is not included in this Business Plan.

Both the learning and the natural environment will be second to none.

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